Maximising synergies for mutual benefit

Ethical Cause Leaders operate with Legitimacy of expectations given the plans and capabilities, Integrity in the cause goals and motivations, and methods that promote Freedoms and ensure Equity of treatment for those joining the cause or effected by it. These are my Global LIFE Ethics.


I am a Social Change Strategist; I work with leaders and top teams of organisations responsible for and responding to social change including governments, civil society organisations (NGOs, charities and social enterprises) and public service providers across all sectors helping to:


  • Set objectives for best social impact and value
  • Design innovative ways of working to deliver change
  • Partner with stakeholders and fully engage employees
  • Plan, organise and capability build for successful outcomes

My Services

Please contact me regarding any of my services, for a free, no commitment discussion via my contacts page.

My current services include:


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  • Bespoke strategic advice

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  • Interim Troubleshooting

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  • Sustainable income generation Advisor

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  • Team building workshop facilitation

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  • Leadership trainer

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  • Expert speaker

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Social change mentor

for leaders and change teams


• When you know what needs to change but either not how to make it happen or not what the end-state should look like


• I work alongside you providing insights, design options and tools to help you navigate the change journey and accomplish your goals

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Strategic Consultant and Coach

for individuals and groups


• When you know why and how the changes should happen but not how to orchestrate stakeholders (such as employees, investors and partners) to play their parts and deliver their contributions


• I allocate face-to-face time and telephone support to guide you through the process of securing the backing your change objectives need

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Interim Troubleshooting

for leaders


• When you have identified a failing in your organisation that is both important and urgent to address


• I operate as an executive interim, reporting to you to achieve fast and sustainable change turn round

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Bespoke Strategic Advice

for leaders


• When you have adhoc concerns or issues to resolve that stretch beyond your experience


• I help you think, reflect, decide and act with confidence


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Sustainable Income Generation Advisor

for leaders and their organisations


• When you want to diversify and reduce dependencies on ‘old’ funding streams


• I help you develop new business models and explore markets and social enterprise potential

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Team Building Workshop Facilitation

for leaders and organisations


• When you want to build understanding, consensus or interdisciplinary teamwork to advance change


• I use a variety of special techniques to unite diverse members of groups and teams involved in change

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Leadership Trainer

for teams and small mixed groups


• When you want to raise leadership skills and effectiveness or build capabilities of emerging and next generation leaders


• I produce and deliver bespoke training based upon my Sphere of Leadership model, Navigating Leadership Guides and extensive Cause Leadership experience

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Expert Speaker

for sector leadership, social impact reviews and social investment events


• When you want to stimulate your audience with new perspectives on topical cause change issues


• I produce engaging and informative talks, presentations and performances specific to the people, place and time

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Services for Cause Leaders

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